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 City Tour

Historical City Tour

First time in Sarajevo? Want to discover sights that are not covered by other tours? Our Free Tour is the right choice! Join us in an insightful, fun-filled and informative walk about history, society, architecture and what Bosnians are actually like. Discover and experience our city through the eyes of the Insiders who will bring to life the city's past and present. You can decide how much what you saw and heard was worth so your tip will be the only reimbursement to the Insider’s guide. Nonetheless, your smile and happy face will be the greatest compliment to our work.


Tour Spots

Latin Bridge, At-Mejdan, Emperor's Mosque, Town Hall, Bravadziluk, Kazandziluk, Bascarsija, Caravan Saray, Ghazi Husrev Bey's Mosque, Ghazi Husrev Bey's Madrasah and Library, Ghazi Husrev Bey's Bazaar, Jewish Quarter and synagogues, Cathedral, Synod Orthodox Church

Tour Spots



The XIV Olympic Winter Games were held in Sarajevo from February 8th to 19th, 1984. It was the first Winter Olympics to be held in a communist country. Come with us to see the place where opening cerammony took place and discover what the Olympic games meant for people of Sarajevo and how they prepared for it. We will take you to three breathtaking mountains around the city that hosted the Olypmics but some of which are still in ruins from the war. At the end visit the Olympic museum where we proudly keep the memory of one of the most succesfull Winter Olypics of the 20th century.

Tour Spots

Trebevic Mountain, Igman Mountain, Bjelasnica Mountain, Zetra Olympic Hall, Olympic stadium

Bobsleigh track, Trebević Mountain

Ski Jump, Igman Mountain


Bjelašnica Mountain

Tunnel of Hope

During the bus ride, the guide will explain the sites and buildings you see and who were important during the siege of Sarajevo 1992 - 1995. Find out how the war started, why the National Library of BH was destroyed, how many people died. While driving to the Tunnel Museum along the Sniper Alley, you’ll have the opportunity to hear the stories about the life in the time of darkness yet life full of hope. All this is just an introduction to the story about the importance of an 800 m long and only 1, 60 m high tunnel that connected the occupied and free Sarajevo territory. Upon arrival at the museum, you’ll pass through 20 m of the original tunnel and see the movie about the war in Sarajevo upon which the guide will explain the role of the tunnel during the siege, its construction, use method and will happily answer all your questions. On the way back to the town, let’s talk about Sarajevo and its future.

Tour Spots

Town Hall/National Library of BH, Markale Market, Skenderija, B&H Presidency, National Museum, Marshal Tito Barracks, Sarajevo University Campus, Sniper Alley, Radio-Television Building, Oslobodjenje, Dnevni avaz, Ilidza and Butmir, Sarajevo War Tunnel Museum

Tunnel of hope

 House of Kolar's (outside )                                                       Inside of the Tunnel

Eat, Pray, Love City Tour

Interested in the history, culture and food of the city? This is the tour for you! Meet our Julias in front of the Insider agency and embrace the spirit of Sarajevo in every possible way. Admire the symbol of the Austro-Hungarian rule, hear the story about the Spite House, go through two streets where you’ll learn more about different crafts which have existed in Sarajevo since 15th century. Discover the heart of the Ottoman rule – Sarajevo’s Bascarsija then drink water from Sebilj fountain and come back to Sarajevo again. What’s the difference between “burek” and all other pies? We’ll certainly answer that question. Pray in four big houses of God in Sarajevo and find out why people call it a “European Jerusalem”. Learn about the hospitality over a cup of Bosnian coffee and share the importance and the meaning of its drinking. See the line between two worlds – Eastern and Western. Finally, try “baklava”! Believe us; it’ll definitely make your day.


Tour Spots

City Hall, Spite house, Bravadziluk and Kazandziluk, Sebilj, Saraci Street, Caravan Saray, Ghazi Husrev Bey's Mosque, Clock Tower, The Assassination 1914, Ghazi Husrev-Bey's Bazaar, Jewish Quarter, Sarajevo Cathedral, Synod Orthodox Church

Mostar, Blagaj


Mostar, Blagaj, Kravice and Počitelj Tour

Throughout the idyllic green oasis of the Neretva River canyon, which many find is one of the most beautiful in Europe, you will emerge into sunny Herzegovina and feel the Mediterranean breath the way Bosnians do. This full day excursion will take you first to Mostar, world famous for its Old Bridge, its and unique charm. Beside Mostar, you’ll also see Blagaj, small Ottoman alleys and shops bathed with sunshine, scents and the r. Neretva. Enjoy its special architecture medieval town in Herzegovina with it’s stunning nature and imposing spring of river Buna, as a biggest well of Water in the Country. Our tour will be concluded with a visit to Pocitelj – caretaker of this region and a pearl of Herzegovina.

The city of Mostar is situated in a beautiful valley bedded between high mountains of Herzegovina. It is thanks to the river Neretva that Mostar was able to develop as a city in the desert – like landscape of Herzegovina . Neretva's size turned Mostar very early into atrading centre of the region. The Old Bridge was built by the Ottoman empire in 1565. Mostar got its name after that same Bridge, or more precisely after the bridge keepers. They were called „Mostari“. With its hot sumer and mild winters, Mostar is one of Europe's sunniest cities.

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Rafting on river Neretva

Get yourself embark on an adventure and sail in an incredible river Neretva canyon. Feel the magic of rafting on the wild emerald-green river. Going down through the Neretva canyon you will have a chance to see beauties of untouched nature and feel the sharpness of the frosty beauty. Let the adrenaline take you and enjoy the unforgettable day.





Day 1 – Historical City Tour and Tunnel of Hope Tour

Day 2 – XVI Olympic Games Tour

Day 3 – Rafting On River Neretva

Day 4 – Mostar, Blagaj, Kravice and Pocitelj Tour

Day 5 – Eat, Pray, Love City Tour

Day 6 – Reserved for your free time

Day 7 – Check Out


Tour includes:

  • 7 Nights in Hostel Balkan Han

  • Professional tour guide

  • Transfer : Airport – Hostel – Airport

  • Breakfast (in Hostel) and Dinner (in different restaurants) (Half board)

  • Minimum 5 person